First Impressions

This project consists of a series of photos I took at Repo Records, a small shop with a wide variety of records in Philadelphia’s Queen Village. Although I visited the store once in October, I returned in December to continue working on and grow the project. I asked store visitors if they’d like to participate through choosing one of their favorite records or a record they feel defines them and holding it up in front of their faces. The following photographs are their conceptual portraits.

Music is an essential part of my everyday, and I feel that different times of my life have been defined by various artists – from Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, to Nirvana, Tom Misch, and FKJ. Music can make us think and feel; it can inspire to get up and dance and can also empower, uplift and bring comfort in challenging times. Some musicians shaped generations of teenagers growing up at a certain time. Listening to a band can be a form of connection with others while also being one of rebellion against norms. Further, a unique sense of nostalgia arises when we listen to an old song that reminds us of certain moments from our past. Who we are, is most definitely influenced by and reflected in the music we listen to. These are First Impressions of individuals based on the music they identify most with.
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Year: 2019

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