I’m a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in New York, with professional experience in UX/UI design, graphic design, both print & digital materials, and motion graphics. I also have a personal background in drawing & illustration, photography, printmaking, and fabrication. I’m passionate about all things related to art, music, sustainability + innovation, and storytelling.

Currently Associate UI Designer at Hauser & Wirth.

Worked as a Graphic Designer at Hauser & Wirth (October 2022 – December 2023) and previously interned at Spotify and Clove. 

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2022, where I studied Design and Cognitive Science, with a concentration in Computation and Cognition.

While at Penn, I founded t-art magazine to bring together students from across campus with different creative interests. Still ran by students at the university, the digital and print publication focus on the intersections of art and technology and bridging the gap between Penn and the broader Philadelphia creative community.

When I’m not working & creating, I love going on long walks and exploring new places, checking out art exhibits, and spending time with my family.

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