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During my first year at Penn, I felt there lacked a creative community – a place where people with multidisciplinary artistic interests could meet. At the beginning of my sophomore year, I founded t-art magazine to bring together creators of all things to collaborate on projects. 

t-art is a student-run publication focused on the innovative and collaborative nature of art, design, and technology. Striving to bridge the gap between artists and innovators at Penn and beyond, the group promotes greater engagement with the broader Philadelphia community. I knew this was a big endeavor, and my first task was to recruit a co-founder, Magnus Allan, to bring this project to life.

I designed the logo and website, flyers to distribute digitally and around Penn’s campus, as well as illustrations and motion graphics for articles and digital marketing. As editor-in-chief, I led and coordinated our digital and print editorial work. 

We published our first print issue, t-art magazine / volume 1, in 2021. 

The following year, coinciding with the release of the second issue we conceptualized and curated an exhibition entitled Resilience: Art & Design In Times of Uncertainty, with my Co-Editor Adrianna Brusie, Caroline Jones, and Avery Givens Nardone. Through an initial open call for submissions, the show brought together fifteen young artists from across Philadelphia and opened in May 2022 at the University City Arts League in West Philadelphia. At our opening on May 3rd, we also launched our second print issue, t-art magazine / volume 2, which included works featured in the exhibition along with additional stories and interviews surrounding the theme of resilience. 
Logo Design, Editorial Design, Illustration, Animation, Exhibition Design
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects
Year: 2019-2022

t-art magazine / volume 1 (2021)

Selection of spreads I designed below. Cover design by Magnus Allan and Avery Givens Nardone, with my illustration on the front cover. 

See the full digital magazine

Promotional graphics

For the exhibition, we created everything from the press release, posters, and promotional graphics for social media, to exhibition signage including brochures, an introduction to the exhibition, and artwork labels.

Below are posters and social media graphics we created with Adrianna Brusie. 

Apparel design (2021)

Designs by Avery Givens Nardone and Farhan Jivraj

Sticker designs (2022)

Created with Adrianna Brusie and Avery Givens Nardone

Earlier promotional materials for the magazine

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