Memory is like a patchwork of moments from the past that inform our identity and make up our lives — from the music we listen to and the food we eat, to the places where we grew up and communities we’re a part of. The title of this project, Souvenirs, means memories in French, my second native language with English and one part of my cultural identity.

Inspired by the tradition of quiltmaking and its relationship to culture and heritage, this project is a reflection on memory and identity through an interactive digital experience I coded from scratch in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that you can find at

I created this project as part of the Design Senior Seminar final project at the University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2022. In the second half of our spring semester, I developed the presentation of my work for our course senior design showcase. The project was highlighted in Penn Today by Louisa Shepard in a profile about my path up until today.
Website Design, Illustration, Exhibition Design
Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Github, Adobe Illustrator
Year: 2022

Special thank you to professors Jacob Rivkin and Ani Liu, Laura Li, and Janna Goliff for coding help and advice.

Through the website, each user firsts completes a short survey with broad questions about themselves, after which they receive a curated selection of illustrated quilt squares based on their responses.

They are then able to drag these squares to create their own unique digital quilt, representative of their identity, that they can save and take away from the experience.

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