maitre/d is a speculative app I worked on designing an identity and user experience for. In researching the concept, I conducted user research through interviews to collect perspectives and feedback that informed the focus and direction of the project.

Through maitre/d, users can become members to restaurants of their choosing, with tiered membership options for 5 restaurants, 10 restaurants, or unlimited — in order to help support these businesses. As benefits, they can enjoy members-only complimentary dishes and tasting menus, the chance to book cooking classes with chefs from their favorite places, and access to priority reservations at an additional fee.

I designed a visual identity for this app, created a logo, and developed a color palette and typography system. After brainstorming initial wireframes, I developed an interactive prototype in Figma.
UX/UI, Product Design, Identity, Graphic Design
Tools: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop
Year: 2021

Final Design: Prototype

Initial sketches

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